Saturday, May 16, 2009

Toddler Pa'u Skirt

For Personal Use only. Feel free to link to it, but please do not distribute or make it for profit.


2 yards of 45" wide fabric
1 1/2 yards of 1/2" elastic
matching thread


1. Calculate the height of the skirt. Measure your child from the waist
to mid-calf (or longer) and add 8 inches for the casing. In my case the
total height is 21 inches.

2. Cut the fabric using the measurement made in Step 1. You should
have a piece of fabric that measures 2 yards by your height
measurement. In my case, 2 yards by 21 inches. (Tip: use a cutting mat
and rotary cutter for a straighter cut)

3. Sew the short ends together (5/8" seam). Press the seam open.

4. Fold the cut edge toward the selvage edge (wrong sides together) to form an 8 inch casing. Pin and iron the fabric.

5. Sew the ruffle row 3/4" from the folded edge.

6. Sew 3 casing rows each 3/4" wide leaving a space in each row to slide in the elastic.

7. Measure your child around the waist and cut 3 equal pieces of elastic.

8. Work the elastic into the 3 casing rows starting with the row
closest to the ruffle row. Join elastic ends (make sure you don't twist
the elastic) and sew the row closed. Use the same process for the other
two rows.

If you would like to hem the edges of your skirt, add an extra 1" to
your height measurement and make a 1/4" turn hem on each edge before
Step 4.

Note: To make an adult pa'u skirt use 4 to 5 yards of fabric and the full 45" width. Just fold over the excess to make the casing.


The Peterson Family said...

Love this! Can't wait to see what other great ideas you come up with! Oh - that reminds me, I want to know about those fish you made like a year ago....

The Noodle said...

Thanks! The fish is definitely coming up...funny how having a baby and going to NZ can really slow things down :)

Margaret said...

I'm so glad you started this craft blog, Audrey! If I had a daughter (or two) as beautiful as yours, I would love to make skirts like these! They are so adorable!

Laura Eller said...

Thank you for posting this! I've been wanting to make some for my nieces and was at a loss. Your model is so adorable too!