Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ms. Pumpkin Head

This week we went in search for a pumpkin patch so yours truly could select a pumpkin worthy of decorating. After watching "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" a few too many times, this one really believes that there is a Great Pumpkin and wants to be a ghost with lots of eyes for media is oh so powerful.

Well, our search was a bit anticlimactic since we ended up scrounging around in the pumpkin bin at our closest Walmart, but we found a lovely pumpkin in the end.

Wanting to avoid the mess involved with carving and because we want to eat it later, we opted for a cleaner decorating option involving craft foam, scissors, markers, and adhesive. This turned out to be something a three year old could actually handle too! She picked the colored foam and drew the parts (including hair, ears, and arms), I cut them out and added adhesive and she placed them on the pumpkin. We have lots of foam so we can even make more parts to change things up similar to Mr. Potato Head, but Ms. H is convinced this is a "she" so we've resorted to calling her Ms. Pumpkin Head.

Note: double sided tape doesn't work very well with the foam. I'm going to try adhesive velcro when I remember to pick some up.

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Samosas for One said...

Hannah the model! So cute. What will she be for Halloween?