Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cherry Pickin'

We were invited to pick cherries, so we picked a few.

I've never picked and preserved cherries before so I quickly looked some things up and this is what I learned...

1. When picking cherries pick with the stem on to keep the part where the stem is removed from getting brown. (So don't pick as we did...leave the stem on!)

2. Don't have a cherry pitter? No problem! There are lots of methods for pitting cherries, though the creative use of a paper clip is now my favorite. After watching some youtube videos about it, we gave it a try and had the cherries pitted in no time.

3. Cherries are a fruit and can be frozen! So now I have some time to figure out what to make with all these cherries.

What's your favorite way to use tart cherries?


Alissa said...

My mom makes up cherry pie filling and cans it.

My mouth is watering.

Elizabeth said...

ear them up in no time.