Monday, August 27, 2012


Excuse our absence! We were without power for a week and then took an extended vacation across the country (more on that later).
While we were gone we celebrated a birthday! Baby Sarah turned 1.
We're so glad that we were able to celebrate it twice with lots of family each time!
We weren't going to light her on fire, it's just the angle :)
Yummy cake! The Too Much Chocolate Cake recipe really is the best.
We love baby Sarah and are so blessed to have her in our eternal family! Here are a few of the things we love about her:
- She pats my back when I pick her up
- She kicks her legs when she gets excited about something
- She loves music and has a cute little dance
- She's developed a unique little scoot and can really get around
- When she is getting into something she knows she shouldn't and I'm watching she shakes her head
- She clasps her hands when it's time to pray and says 'mamen'


Margaret said...

Happy birthday, Sarah! What a cutie! I want to hear about your trip. I wish I had known you were in town so we could have met up at the wedding (or before or after)! Sorry to have missed you!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday to Sarah! How time flies, they really grow up fast. She is a very sweet happy little girl.