Saturday, May 5, 2012

Birthday Time

Hannah had a birthday. Her sixth birthday in fact.

There was red velvet cake with pink frosting. And plenty of presents to open.

And best of all, sisters and parents to share the entire day with.

This year, we decided to celebrate by having a family day instead of a big party. Hannah got to choose the activity and the place for her special birthday meal. So, she chose to visit the art museum where we explored making art in the new children's art center and listened to a special reading of Runaway Bunny set to music. Which was quickly followed up by eating yummy Chinese food, taking naps, playing games, and eating our fill of cake, ice cream, popcorn, apples, and smoothies. Sounds like a fun filled day don't you think? Before bed she whispered, "This was the best day ever!" Based on that, this might actually become our new family tradition.


Elizabeth said...

a lot more fun for the family, good tradition.

Elizabeth said...

Happy belated Birthday, Hannah!

StaceynMark said...

Happy happy birthday wishes, Hannah! What a fun day together! We're so excited to see you sometime this summer! (And happy to see you're still blogging- I've been missing you!)

Katie said...

That does sound like the best day ever! I think that's what made the day Perfect, was her comment at the end of it all! Happy Birthday to Hannah! She's looking so grown up. Wow!