Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Favorites too!

After I asked Hannah what her favorites were, Emily asked, "Mom, do you want to know mine?" Well, of course!

Also, here are a couple of funny conversations we've had in the last little while:

The first went something like this...
E: (as she gazes out the window) Mom, I wish I had a tail.
Mom: Um, really? why?
E: So I could be a cow.

The next went something like this...
E: Is it time to go outside? I want to wear my cape.
Mom: Ok, but usually you wear the cape inside so it won't get dirty. I think we should leave it in here.
E: But Mom, I really, really want to fly!

I love this stage that she's in right now, however I could definitely do without all the willful outbursts.

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Kate Chartrand said...

Looks like Emily and Lily have a lot in common! Including the willful outbursts. Cute idea to do the favorites photo of the girls.