Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Nativity

At our Church Christmas party the Primary children had the opportunity to reenact the Christmas nativity. This year we happened to obtain just the right pieces of cardboard to construct the backdrop. It's pretty much all held together with zip-ties. There were lots of skeptics but it held up for several days without any problems!

The cardboard was painted to give it a faux wood look, which under the right light looks ok and better than just cardboard. This is the painting tutorial I used. I chose to not spray paint the black and just used a marker to make the black lines and then went over with watered down white and then brown and then painted black knot holes and streaks. I just used tempura paints and they worked out just fine.

I didn't get a close up of the manger but we used this website as the inspiration. With the all important mitre saw table all set up it didn't take long for Marshall to cut and construct it out of old pallet boards. I love how it turned out and how simple it was.

The great part is that it can all be taken apart and stored for another year!


An Ordinary Mom said...

Very impressed! Wish you were in our ward :) !!

Elizabeth said...

That's a great work! Proud of you and Marshall

Angela Noelle said...

That backdrop is awesome!