Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cardboard Treehouse

Another cardboard creation!

We started with this Family Fun craft idea, and then we added the swing, basket pull, and rope swing.

We even made pegdoll princesses.

The pegdoll fairies and princesses were {pin}spired by made by joel. The girls loved picking out the hair and scraps for the dresses. The fairy wings were made from a plastic soda bottle.

This one, like the castle, was for a special birthday child, who I am told played with it until bedtime. This one is definitely going to be made again in one form or another for our home...


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Amanda said...

Ah-ha! I found you! I didn't know you had merged your blogs. I was so sad to not read about your cute family anymore! It looks like you're all doing well. Such fun ideas and such darling girls!!!