Thursday, February 23, 2012

Snow day

On Monday we woke to this:

And of course the girls wanted to outside as soon as they woke up. It was a good thing school was cancelled.

The girls played and played, ate snacks, went sledding, and played some more until dinner.

It was so warm and Sarah loved being outside...not even a complaint. Being three must be much more difficult.

Tears because she had to go to the potty, tears because she was wet and cold because of the wet snow, tears because she wanted to keep playing, tears all around. For the record, she was also quite the daredevil on the sledding hill and LOVED sledding with the big kids.

Plenty of snow to make not just one, but two snowmen. And as you probably guessed they fell asleep in no time once the sun went down.


Margaret said...

Love snow days! It looks like you are getting more snow than we are in Utah. How crazy! I remember missing a month off of school in VA due to two weeks of snow days and two weeks of winter vacation. Hope you don't have to go through that!

Your daughters are so beautiful. Hannah's eyes are amazing. Also, Emily made me laugh, though unintentionally on her part. Poor girl!

Elizabeth said...

cute posts, thanks for updating