Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kindness Begins With Me

We made a Thankful Tree back in November and haven't taken it down. But now it's February and it's time to change it up!

We cut and decorated little hearts that people can put up when they have done something kind, but if something unkind happens then a heart gets taken off. We're aiming to get the tree filled with love. It was a little difficult the first couple of days, but it's helping everyone to be more aware of the kind and unkind things that they are doing.

Fortunately, at the moment the kind acts are outnumbering the unkind ones!

I think Hannah was trying to work the system after I overheard her say, "Oh Emily can I help you to put that heart on the tree?" and then "Oh, now I get to put a heart on the tree!"...oh the mind of a 5 year old!


Margaret said...

What a great idea! That looks beautiful. I love that you are so crafty. Also, Sarah is looking just as beautiful as the rest of the family. I love that smile!

Elizabeth said...

you are amazing